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What PRJCT CrossFit is all about.

PRJCT CrossFit Wellington is more than just a home for fitness goals, strength and the GAINZ, it’s a community of people finding the versions of themselves they are proud of.

Offering classes in Wellington, PRJCT uses the CrossFit model to promote functional fitness for life. With high quality coaches and small class numbers PRJCT fosters an environment for athletes of all levels to learn and improve on the journey to meet their goals. Whether your goal is to lift the heaviest thing or to be able to carry the kids, grandkids or the grocery’s home, PRJCT can help get you there.

Our class capacity of 12 means that you get 1:1 coaching and development every class, with the watchful eye of a trained team member to guide you and keep you safe! AND….You still get to forge some incredible friendships along the way! We want to see you get strong, be proud and create skills for life.




We support each other, we cheer, we encourage and we celebrate success

We respect each other, the coach, the gym and the equipment. We listen, we stay tidy and we hold ourselves accountable



We are a community, we are friendly, inclusive, we introduce ourselves and are patient and kind to each other

We play fair, we don't cheat, skip reps, forgo technique or push through injury


Alissa Beeston

Co-Owner and Head Coach

Coming soon.

Vanu profile_edited.jpg

Vanu Harfield

Co-Owner and Coach

Vanu was a medic in the NZ Army before pursuing a career as a personal trainer. After meeting Alissa he was converted from bodybuilding to the ways of CrossFit and now enjoys Olympic lifting and met cons more than bicep curls and posing.

Gus yawn_edited.jpg

Gus Gus

Chief Security Officer

I'm Gus the Cat. I spend my days sitting around pretending to guard the equipment but really I just love boxes. I have a background in lockdown workout motivation and pigeon watching. 

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